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Nordic Walking in the UK

Learn the Nordic Walking technique in the beautiful Peak District with a trained instructor from MVMT

Our Nordic Walking sessions will help you strengthen and tone muscles, boost your circulation, and also help to improve your posture. The technique is an effective workout that you can also enjoy as a social activity, whilst being able to admire the gorgeous views found in and around the Peak District. 


We offer regular Technique Sessions where you can learn the British Nordic Walking 10-step Technique. You can use your new skills on a guided walk with Nordic Walking instructor, Sarah Gilbertson, or head out on your own afterward.

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Nordic Walking Classes Near You

Explore the Nordic Walking sessions we offer below:


Technique Sessions

We offer regular Technique Sessions where you can learn the British Nordic Walking 10 step Technique. The Nordic Walking sessions are generally based at Longshaw Estate where there is good parking, lovely routes to walk and facilities. Once you've got to grips with the technique, you're welcome to head out on your own or you can join me on one of my regular monthly group walks around the beautiful Peak District. 

Group Social Walks

There is a monthly group social walk which you can book onto once you're happy with the technique and want to get some practice in.  The walks are generally 1.5 - 2 hours long with some technique tips along the way and once you've done a technique session with me, your first walk is free with poles provided. 


1:1/1:2 Sessions 

If you prefer to learn on a 1:1/1:2 basis I can offer sessions tailored to you and can run specialist sessions for those looking to integrate the use of poles when running and those with Parkinson's.

Sessions can also be by arrangement including the option for us to come to wherever you are staying in the Peak District and to tailor a course for you and your friends, or as a group.


Get started on your fitness journey by booking your session for Nordic Walking in the UK via the contact form below. 

Nordic Walking Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about our Nordic Walking classes:


Good exercise, good fun, great teacher, but be warned - you WILL end up wanting to buy some expensive new poles

Really great walk and excellent tips for our technique...thank you Sarah.

Great fun, great teacher, amazing weather - but it does leave you with an irresistible urge to buy expensive new poles!

Sarah is a fantastic tutor.  She explained the use of the poles really well and I learned the art of Nordic Walking within one session.  Excellent course and I highly recommended


Nordic Walking & Yoga Retreats


If you are passionate about fitness and wellness, you’ll enjoy our one day Nordic Walking and Yoga retreats in Derbyshire! With our knowledge of all the best places and trained specialists in the Peak District, MVMT Retreats creates unique experiences for the body and mind using local suppliers and venues. During our unique retreat, you’ll get to enjoy:


  • Delicious welcome refreshments

  • 1-hour yoga class with equipment provided

  • 2-hour Nordic Walking session around the beautiful Chatsworth estate

  • Lunch, refreshments, and cake

Nordic Walking FAQs

Who Will Be Your Nordic Walking Instructor?

Sarah Gilbertson, our specialist Nordic Walking Instructor, has a passion for the outdoors which came from her lifelong love of skiing and staying active. After undergoing back surgery in her 30s, Sarah found Pilates and Nordic Walking to be excellent ways to regain stability, strength, and posture.  


After training with British Nordic Walking and with further qualifications in  Nordic Walking for Parkinson’s and Related Conditions, Sarah is keen to use her extensive knowledge and expertise to help others enjoy better quality movement. Find out more about Sarah on our about page.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a unique walking technique that not only works your legs but also gives your upper body a great workout through the use of specially designed poles. The poles give you the equivalent of 4-wheel drive, helping to propel you forwards. 


Originating in Finland, Nordic Walking was used as a summer training exercise for cross-country skiers, but the popular technique has proven to be a great workout that also doubles as a fantastic social activity!

What are the Benefits of Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a great social activity, and the popular walking technique also has several health benefits! These include:


  • Nordic Walking can be more effective for health than regular walking

  • Activates up to 90% of muscles so helps muscle tone and bone strengthening

  • Protects hip and knee joints - using poles takes some of the weight off of the lower joints

  • Nordic Walking gets the heart rate up more than regular walking so your heart and lungs get a workout while boosting blood circulation

  • Helps to develop core stability, strength, and balance - which contribute to good posture

  • Promotes mental wellbeing - it's outdoors and a great social activity to do with friends

Is Nordic Walking Good For Arthritis?

Keeping your muscles strong and your body moving is one of the best way to combat the symptoms of arthritis, so Nordic Walking could be very beneficial if it's something you struggle with. Nordic Walking focuses on building strength and engaging your core which, when practiced regularly, helps you to support your joints. If you’re still unsure if Nordic Walking is right for you, please get in touch with Sarah, who’ll be able to offer tailored advice and recommendations.

Why Does Nordic Walking Use Poles?

Nordic Walking poles (not sticks!), are used to propel your body forwards whilst walking across a variety of terrains. The poles are pushed into the ground with each step, helping to engage the upper half of your body, making this a fantastic whole body workout!  The poles not only power up your walks but also give you 4 ‘foot’ drive which can be useful for balance and especially on any uphill sections.  The Nordic Walking poles are specially designed and different to trekking poles.

How Long Should Nordic Walking Poles Be?

We’d recommend you adjust the height of your Nordic Walking poles to be around 70% of your body height. However, this isn’t a strict rule, and you can go slightly above or below if that feels most comfortable when Nordic Walking. The height may also change depending on body geometry and walking style. Your elbow should be at a right angle when your Nordic Walking pole is perpendicular with the ground.  A qualified instructor will be able to  offer advice and is recommended before you go out and buy.

What Equipment Do You Need For Nordic Walking in the UK?

You don’t need much specialist equipment for Nordic Walking in the UK, which makes it ideal for newbies. We’d recommend good quality, supportive walking boots or trail running shoes, a backpack or small waist pack  and a waterproof jacket (usually an essential for unpredictable British weather!), and Nordic Walking poles. If you don’t have your own Nordic Walking poles, we’ll be able to provide you with some if you join one of our Nordic Walking classes near you. If you’d like to find out more about what to bring with you on a walk, read our latest article - ‘What Equipment Do You Need for Nordic Walking?

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