Nordic Walking

My passion for Nordic Walking is a natural extension of my life-long obsession with skiing and being outdoors. From a young age I loved being active and living in the Peak District has allowed me to indulge my love of the outdoors on a daily basis. 

In my 30's I underwent back surgery and found Pilates to be a fantastic way to work on my stability, strength and posture; supporting my other activities including Nordic Walking.  Many of the benefits of Pilates are shared with Nordic Walking - except we get to be outdoors and chat more!

Benefits of Nordic Walking

  • Up to 40% more effective than regular walking

  • Improves posture

  • Activates up to 90% of muscles so helps muscle tone and bone strengthening

  • Protects hip and knee joints - using poles takes some of the weight off lower joints

  • Gets the heart rate up more than regular walking so heart and lungs get a workout

  • Boosts circulation

  • Develops core stability, strength and balance - these all help improve posture

  • Promotes mental wellbeing - it's outdoors and a great social activity

I offer regular Technique Sessions where you can learn the British Nordic Walking 10 step Technique and then head out on your own or you can join me on one of my regular walks around the beautiful Peak District. 

If you prefer to learn on a 1:1 basis I can offer sessions tailored to you and can run specialist sessions for those looking to integrate the use of poles when running and those with Parkinson's.

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